Q1: What is CYOGEL?

A1: CYOGEL is Create Your Own Gels.

Q2: How do I create my own gel with CYOGEL mix?

A2: Check out our How to mix?

Q3: Why the gel mix ratio is recommended 50|50?

A3: The recommended ratio of 50|50 is a balance between the thickness of the final gel polish and the desired color. Adding too much nail polish will make the gel polish less durable and adding too little nail polish will make the color too light and also the final gel polish will be too thick. The ratio of 50|50 is intended to work with any brands of nail polish in the market and provides a balance of final color and thickness of the gel polish.

Q4: What is different between CYOGEL vs. other gels in the market?

A4: CYOGEL is very similar to other higher quality gels in the market. The exception is that you decide which color you want to make and not wait for new colors to be launched. This product allows you to use your creativity when it comes to what colors you would want to offer your clients.

Q5: Can I use LED or UV lamps to dry my nails with CYOGEL polish?

A5: Yes, this will work with both UV and LED lamps. The cure time is 30 seconds for LED and 2 minutes for UV lamps.

Q6: How long does CYOGEL polish last on my nails?

A6: CYOGEL will last up to two weeks on your nails.

Q7: How do I remove CYOGEL from my nails?

A7: Use a standard acetone cotton ball wrap in foil. Break the seal for the topcoat, as this will reduce time required to soak in acetone, then allow nails to soak in acetone cotton ball for 10 minutes and it should be easy to remove the gel.

Q8: Do I need to use Base coat with CYOGEL and why?

A8: You do not need a Base coat with CYOGEL because there are ingredients that provide adhesion to the natural nails.

Q9: Can I create my own matched gel color from regular nail color and any brand?

A9: Yes, you can. Check out our How to mix?"

Q10: Is it very important to re-use “empty gel bottles” from any brand to create your own gels with CYOGEL mix?

A10: Yes, it is.

Q11: What percent of alcohol to cleanse the nails after the nails cured under UV/LED lamp?

A11: It is best to use 99% Alcohol. It will make the nails shiner.

Q12: How is the nail preparation process?

A12: Apply cuticle softener (non-oil) to soften dead skins, push, remove dead skins around cuticles, trim cuticles with nipper as needed then use 99% alcohol to remove all excessive oil on the nail surface. No buffing or drilling is needed.

Q13: Can I mix more than 50% nail polish?

A13: Maximum polish amount is 60%. Mixture will have less durability if one mixes more nail polish.

Q14: Does CYOGEL colors needs bond-aid or primer?

A14: No, it does not.

Q15: Does the CYOGEL colors need to shake before apply?

A15: Yes, all gels need to shake well. Color pigments are heavy and will sink to the bottom.

Q16: What is CYOGEL’s refund policy?

A16: We offer 100% money back refund policy. However, buyer shall be responsible for freight and shipping cost to return goods to us. Once a returned order is received by CYOGEL, we will process a refund order within 24 hours.